- 01.09.2018 - We would love to welcome all Products seller, Services providers from Lyari.

About Us


Lyari is one of the oldest settlements of Karachi, inhibited by hardworking, passionate & football loving people. Unfortunately, it has always been overlooked by the local administration, which has left it underdeveloped and underprivileged, as they are deprived of even basic human necessities: having only few substandard hospitals, poor infrastructure & unhygienic environmental conditions.

It is about to time that people of Lyari stand up against such atrocities and get amenities they so rightly deserve.

For this purpose, We introduced an online welfare project, JadeedLyari. It is a crowd sourcing initiative launched by Mr. AbidBeli, a renowned entrepreneur and social activist, to take Lyari out of the vicious cycles and bring about a ray of hope. By taking matters in our own hand, people from all over Pakistan can donate funds to projects and purchase products & services produced in Lyari on this platform.

One of the very first project launched by JadeedLyari.com (Powered by APPS) is establishing an operational dispensary in Lyari, which requires funding of 4 lakh pkr for making it functional and has reoccurring expenses around 60,000 pkr per month. With the help and the power of people, this platform will be a huge step towards success and will be prove to be very vital in improving conditions of Lyari.

Not only does this project make Lyari self-sufficient but it also stands for:

1. Power to People

2. Youth Empowerment

3. Increased Opportunities

4. Celebration of Diversity

5. Enhanced Networking

6. Connection Between People